Quality strategy

The safety and quality of our products are of utmost importance to us at nübee. That is why we have developed a clear quality strategy that includes the following measures:

Stringent batch control

Each batch of products is thoroughly tested for microbiology, chemicals, heavy metals and pesticides before release. Only after receiving satisfactory results is release made to ensure that our products meet strict quality standards.

Origin of raw materials

Our raw materials come exclusively from the EU, whereby we prefer to choose local suppliers from Germany to ensure short transport routes and controlled production.

High-quality ingredients and innovative manufacturing processes

Our products are made from high-quality, organic ingredients and are manufactured using innovative manufacturing processes such as high pressure pasteurization (HPP). During the HPP process, our products are treated under high pressure to eliminate harmful germs while largely preserving the natural nutrients. This enables us to guarantee the quality of our products.

Collaboration with certified partners

We work exclusively with IFS/HACCP certified partners to ensure that our supply chain meets the highest quality standards.

Our quality strategy is aimed at giving parents the confidence that they can offer their children safe, high-quality nutrition with our products.