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with our fresh organic products We accompany you and your baby up to toddler age. From fine purees and chunky porridges to wholesome meals - all without additives, added salt and sugar.

Freshness that you can taste and see

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What makes us so unique?

Extra Colourful

Our products are colourful and delicious! Babies therefore learn at an early age to associate different colors with different tastes. Also, our colorful dishes bring more fun while learning to eat.

Full of veggies

The first 1000 days are essential for the future nutrition. To help forming good eating habits, all our products contain a large portion of organic veggies.

Super fresh

Thanks to careful production, we are able to preserve the natural character of our ingredients. And when stored in the fridge, our products retain their freshness and flavour – all without any additives.


From the selection of raw materials to production and transport to the refrigerator, we pay close attention to quality and sustainable use of our resources every step of the way.


Our recipes and textures are ideally tailored to the developmental stage of babies. Whether smooth purees with few ingredients or balanced meals, there is something for every age.

How it works

1. Select or create a box
Choose a suitable nübee box according to the age of your child. With our DIY-boxes you can also put together your own individual box.

2. Choose delivery option
You can order all our nübee boxes as a single order or in a fexible subscription (weekly, every 2 weeks or monthly).

3. set delivery date
Choose a delivery date that suits you best. Either on wednesday or friday we will then send you our fresh products directly to your front door.

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What parents say about nübee

Anja Zeidler, Social Media Star

«As a food expert, my daughter's diet is very important to me. I do not like 'convenience food', neither for myself nor for my child. nübee offers the best alternative to my own baby blends. Organic, rich in vegetables, cold pressed, low sugar content, lovingly produced and even made in Switzerland!»

Bianca Gubser Keyman, Business Woman

«I never intended to try any instant baby food. But I wanted to give the healthy and organic blends from nübee a chance - with success. After an intensive test phase, we are completely convinced! My little one loves them, and I can stand behind them 100%.»

nübee Testimonial P. Armbuster
Patrick Armbruster,
Film Producer
«Finally, a baby blend that don’t leave my little boy with a sugar shock after. With all the healthy veggies, the nübee blends are now a fixed part of his daily menu. And if there's any left over, I'll be more than happy to have it.»

our foodie Boxes

Discover our fresh boxes -  either already tailored to the age of your baby or individually put together by yourself.

Creating joyful mealtime

All your baby needs is lots of love and healthy food. We take care of the latter and offer with our fresh veggie based organic products the best alternative to home-made. Discover now how we guarantee our freshness, which team is behind it and how you can become a part of it.

Freshness delivered to your doorstep!

Visit our shop and have the nübee freshness delivered to your family kitchen. Either already tailored to your baby's age or self-composed, you will certainly find your ideal foodie box.

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