Mini but mighty!

Wondering what makes me so ‘super cool’ and ‘unique’? Click on the symbols below to find out ...


Being cold-pressed without heat makes me a pure taste sensation packed with natural vitamins and minerals and free from preservatives, additives, salt and sugar.

Organic superfoods

You’ll find nothing but the finest sustainably farmed organic ingredients in me – and to ensure your baby’s introduction to solid food is as carefree as possible, none of the top 14 major allergens either.

Super cool

I’m so unbelievably fresh that I prefer to be kept in the fridge. And you can not only taste my freshness but also see it! Once opened, I’m best consumed within 24 hours.

Unique menus

Despite containing vegetables, I’m so irresistibly tasty that babies are sure to love their daily greens even when they become rebellious teens. For it’s a known fact that the first three years are key to the development of taste preferences.

Optimal development

I’ve been developed in close cooperation with nutrition experts so that I can cater to the various dietary needs of your little ones and help prepare them for a fabulous future.

Our products

Explore our wide range of organic baby foods and discover your little foodie’s favourites!

nübee is as easy as 1-2-3

Fresh, fresher, nübee

All your baby needs is lots of love and healthy food. Let us take care of the latter with our fresh organic baby food – undoubtedly the best alternative to cooking yourself. And since we have nothing to hide, our products only contain what’s on the label. Click here to find out how we maintain such freshness and quality.

Hungry little tummies
Discover our range of expertly blended proper baby food – as fresh as homemade.

Tailored to your needs
Choose a menu box based on the age of your baby. Soon you will be able to create your own menu with the MyBox.

Delivery on desired date

We will deliver the baby blends – guaranteed fresh – to your doorstep on the date you specify.