Peach, carrot, coconut milk, lavender - Golden millet, apple

Peach, carrot, coconut milk, lavender
Golden millet, apple

Delicious golden millet mixed with apple, a peach purée and carrot, enriched with coconut milk and lavender petals: not only does it taste unbelievably good, but the fine essential oils of lavender have a soothing effect, helping your baby to fall asleep.

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Organic apple, organic golden millet, organic peach,
organic carrot, organic coconut milk, organic lavender
Average nutritional valuesper 100g
Energy212 kJ
-50 kcal
Fat0.8 g
thereof saturated fats0.7 g
Carbonhydrates8.8 g
thereof sugar*5.4 g
Fibres1.6 g
Protein1.2 g
Salt*0.03 g
*Ingredients contain natural sugar and salt.
Manganese, the trace element found in the lactose-free coconut milk, is essential to healthy growth and optimum brain function.
The gluten-free golden millet is packed with important minerals and trace elements such as iron, which is beneficial to bones, hair and nails.
Peaches are high in vitamin C and potassium, ensuring a healthy immune system and an optimum water-electrolyte balance.