Our Mission

At nübee, we believe that every child has the potential to achieve great things - the basis for this is healthy eating habits. This is exactly where we start and have therefore developed the optimal nutrition for babies and children in order to set the right course early on.

Highest Standards for Quality, Safety & Taste

We understand the importance of every meal to the health and development of every child, so we set the highest standards for quality, safety and taste. Our goal is not only to offer high-quality products, but also to create a movement for a healthier, happier future for all children and families.


Lifelong Healthy Eating Habits

Our products are the result of intensive research and development, combined with the freshness and purity of organic ingredients. We don't just want to offer healthy food, we want to have a real impact on the lives of families. By providing parents with high-quality food, we lay the foundation for lifelong healthy eating habits for their children, especially in the first 1,000 days, as this is when eating habits have the greatest impact on their entire lives. Our goal is, for example, to counteract preferences such as sugar and sweets and to counteract the increasing trend towards diabetes and obesity, which is becoming apparent at an ever earlier age and in more and more children.

Sustainability & Responsibility

Our responsibility goes beyond the moment. We strive for sustainability in all our actions, whether through environmentally friendly packaging or the use of gentle manufacturing processes. We want to make a positive change in the world - one meal at a time, one child at a time.