Fresh, fresher, nübee

All your baby needs is lots of love and healthy food. Let us take care of the latter with our fresh organic baby food – undoubtedly the best alternative to cooking yourself. And since we have nothing to hide, our products only contain what’s on the label. Find out here how we maintain their freshness and quality.

We develop all our recipes in close cooperation with a number of nutrition experts. In doing so we always ensure that we include a large quantity of vegetables in order to keep fructose levels low, which means that our fresh baby foods not only tickle the taste buds but are also packed with natural vitamins and minerals. All the ingredients that we use are 100% organic and are age appropriate to ensure your baby gets all the nutrition they need for an optimum future throughout each stage of their development. Our products are therefore divided into different age categories.

To preserve both the flavour and nutrients of our carefully selected ingredients, all our baby food is treated under high pressure. This involves it already being placed when packaged in a cold water bath under 6,000 bars of pressure (high-pressure processing, HPP), which makes undesirable microorganisms harmless without being exposed to heat. This forgoing of heat preserves the natural flavour, intense colours and healthy nutrients and avoids the need for any preservatives or additives. In order to guarantee the harmlessness of our products, every batch is checked microbiologically as well as chemically for pesticides, as we place great emphasis on quality and do not make any compromises.

We care for our planet and therefore aim to keep our CO2 footprint as low as possible. Our baby foods are produced and packaged in Zurich and our packaging weighs little and also comes from Switzerland. Tubs and lids are made of the allergen-free PP (polypropylene) that is also used for baby bottles as this does not transfer any substances to foodstuffs when heated (unlike PET and other plastics). Both can be reused, recycled locally or returned to us. Our insulating material for dispatch is biodegradable and can be easily composted.