Our Team

We all want to prepare the youngest among us for an optimal life path. And this in a new and innovative way. Because we are not just the nübee team: We are a mix of passionate mums, nutritionally affine foodies, determined professionals and creative lateral thinkers.


Managing Director & Co-founder

Why nübee?
«The baby food industry has not changed in the last 100 years. We are now bringing an essential fresh breeze into it.»


Creative Director & Co-founder

Why nübee?
«The first few months are crucial to a person's eating habits. So even the youngest should have a right to good, honest food.»


Sales & Business Development Manager

Why nübee?
«nübee offers a supportive innovation that I for during parenting time - because sometimes it was hard enough.»


R&D Manager

Why nübee?
«In my childhood fresh produce held an important place. As a mother of two, I want to pass this on professionally too.»


Administration Manager

Why nübee?

«Since I am pro healthy and fresh food, I am pleased that we can now provide this to the smallest among us.»


Head of Finance & Operations

Why nübee?
«Because nübee makes the world a little better: through healthy food, which looks good AND is good for our environment.»


R&D Manager

Why nübee?
«I love the colourful smeared puree mouths of my little ones. I wish all babies so much fun and joy of discovery.»


Jr. Digital Marketing Manager

Why nübee?

«As an enthusiastic foodie, I am happy to bring my passion for healthy and delicious food closer to the next generation.»